Our team.

Great love for wine:

Wine professionals through and through

All the employees of the WB Weinbörse AG possess a great passion and immense experience in the subject of “top wines” for many years. Let us introduce them to you here:

Carlo Haueter

Expertise, appraisals, on-site assessments of cellars. Inspection of goods, quality control for catalog description, collection from customers for smaller cellars.

Karin Gabriel

Administration, payments, registration of new customers, web hosting.

Max Gerstl

Founder of the Weinbörse, consultant, acquisition, board of directors, bidding control at live auctions.

Ruth Gerstl

Founder of the Weinbörse, reception and support at auctions.

René Gabriel

Member of the board of directors, auctioneer, assessments of cellars, acquisition, advertising, events

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