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Since 1982:

The history of WB Weinbörse AG

Max Gerstl: “A children’s clothing exchange in Davos, where we lived at the time, gave me and my wife Ruth the idea of the Weinbörse in the early 1980s. So I asked our customers to send me a list of wines and prices they wanted to sell them for.

I collected all the offers and sent them back to all the customers by mail. The wines then went at a fixed price to the person who ordered the fastest. That was the beginning of a beautiful success. 

In 1986 we changed the system and organized auctions, where the wines went to the highest bidders. Early on, I was looking for partners to join me in this elaborate auction business. In 2006, René Gabriel joined Peter Bertschinger and me as an owner. The limited partnership was transformed into today’s AG. After the death of Peter Bertschinger, René Gabriel and I managed the WB Weinbörse AG together for a few years. In January 2016, two new partners joined: wine freak Jürg Richter and the Gerstl Weinselektionen AG. We’re expecting a lot of positive synergies for a secure future and, at a certain point, a new parent company.”

Jürg Richter

President of the Board of Directors

Max Gerstl

Member of the Board of Directors

Pirmin Bilger

Member of the Board of Directors

Roger Mauer

Sven Fischer

Felix Meier

Our strong partners

Gerstl Weinselektionen AG

Sandäckerstrasse 10 

8957 Spreitenbach

+41 58 234 22 88



Limmatquai 112
8001 Zürich
+41 44 215 10 93
Weingabriel GmbH
Unterdorfstrasse 21
6274 Eschenbach
Tel. +41 41 930 31 42
Gabriel-Glas (Schweiz) GmbH
Unterdorfstrassse 21
6274 Eschenbach
Tel. +41 41 448 19 16