Auction conditions

1. The auction is carried out on behalf of third parties. The starting prices are minimum prices. Bids at the starting price are possible, but usually have little chance of success. The second amount indicated in the catalogue after the slash is intended to help the buyer. It represents the current average market value (fantasy prices of some wine suppliers are not taken into account). “Best” bids are considered up to 5 times the limit. The auctioneer is free to reject bids without giving reasons.

2. Scale of increase: up to CHF 100.– (10.–), 100.– to 200.– (20.–), 200.– to 600.– (25.–), 600.– to 1’000.– (50.–), 1’000.– to 2’000.– (100.–), 2’000.– to 4’000.– (200.–), 4’000.– to 6’000.– (250.–), 6’000.– to 10’000.– (500.–), 10’000.– to 20’000.– (1’000.–), 20’000.– to 50’000.– (2’000.–). Any intermediate bids may also be lower than the proclaimed increase steps.

3. The auctioneer decides on the order, the merge and the possible withdrawal of lots.

4. The auction item is given to the highest bidder; Written bids take precedence in the order of e-mail, fax or postal receipt. Written commandments are strictly represented in the interests of the bidder.
For example, if you submit a bid of CHF 800.–, but the next highest bid (in writing or live in the hall) is CHF 380.–, the winning bid amount will be CHF 405.–. In case of ambiguity, the auctioneer decides.

5. The winning bid is supplemented by 15% commission fee and CHF 10.- handling costs per lot as well as 7.7% VAT on the invoice total.

6. The winning bid obliges to acceptance. The (pre-)invoice for the auctioned lots must be paid within 10 days without deduction. In the event of non-acceptance, the auctioneer decides whether he agrees to a compensation fee of 20% of the winning bid, or whether he demands fulfillment of the purchase contract by legal means. In case of non-payment, legal measures will be taken two weeks after the invoice date under extra costs (CHF 10.– per reminder and an interest of 1% per month).

7. The description of the lots in the catalogue, other media or at the auction is carried out to the best of our knowledge and belief with the best possible care (S.E.&O.), but is only to be understood as an indication; Weinbörse is not liable for any typographical errors. The wines will be auctioned in the condition in which they are at the moment of the auction. For all wines to be auctioned, both the supplier and the action house are excluded from any liability and warranty for legal or material defects within the scope of what is legally permissible. Without a special note, it can be assumed that the filling level, label and capsule are in good condition (whereby a 30/40-year-old wine does not have to look like fresh from the store and can be considered perfect with filling level TS). Obvious defects can be reported to us no later than 3 weeks after the auction. If a recourse is made by the buyer/first bidder with regard to doubting the originality of a bottle, the price of the bottle will be refunded to the buyer and the net bidding price plus transport costs will be claimed by WB Weinbörse AG from the supplier.  

8. The organization, management, winning bid, logging, collection of the payment, shipping of the goods and payment process with the clients are the responsibility of the auctioneer (with reservation of the decision of disputes). Neither the Stadtammann, nor its representatives nor the city or canton of the respective venue are liable for its actions. At auctions in Zurich, a member of the Stadtammann Amt is present.

9. Lots handed over to the first bidder remain entrusted goods until full payment has been made. A delivery via truck or parcel can be done on request and at buyer costs. Our service is fulfilled with the handover to the transport companies. After dispatch, the risk of deterioration and destruction of the products passes to the buyer. We are not liable for any damages occuring during the transport. The wines can be picked up at the listed dates in our warehouse – WB Weinbörse AG, Hagackerstrasse 9A, 8953 Dietikon – after presenting the postal receipt or bank confirmation. If the wine is not being collected on time, the auctioneer may charge a storage fee. Compliance with foreign customs and foreign exchange regulations, etc. is the buyer’s responsibility. The auctioneer declines responsibility for consequences due to infringement.

10. In all other respects, the conditions in the industry as well as the cantonal provisions according to the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) apply.

11. Place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties are Eschenbach (LU).